Me - *technically not*



Swimming Goose - *honk*Waves - *sploosh*
Underwater - *Under the seaaaa*


Where have I landed here?

Welcome, Willkommen, Bienvenidos! You have reached my (@MattMoony) official website - I hope you have enjoyed your visit so far :P.

Just like every other personal blog / personal webpage / portfolio this website will, at some point, contain a lot of information about who I am, what I do, what I want to do, etc. However, depending on when you view this, that moment might still be quite far away, since I only started working on this new project of mine on the 17th July 2020.

Now, without further ado, I will let you to it! I sincerely wish you a pleasant stay on my newly created website!


What have you done?

ConvNet - MNIST Dataset

Simple convolutional neural network (purely numpy) to classify the original MNIST dataset. My first project with a convnet. 🖼


Real-time voice-changer for voice-chat, etc. Will support many different voice-filters and features in the future. 🎵

Pretty Graph Algorithms

Algorithms on graphs displayed in a pretty manner - try popular algorithms like Breadth First Search, Dijkstra, etc. with a visual representation. ✨


Many problems ... and just as many solutions. Algorithmic problem solving is one of my favourite free time activities at the moment. 🦆


Anything else?

  • Official Repository - Here you can find the source code of what you're currently viewing.
  • Piskel - If you want to create lovely pixel art like what you're seeing above.
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